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When my husband, Jeremy, decided to get Bruno (then, only known to us as “double eye patch male”) from a breeder in California, I must admit I hadn’t given it much thought. It was 8 years ago, we were still newly married, and I suppose that I considered that this new addition was to be HIS dog, therefore I didn’t involve myself in the research or decision making whatsoever.

Little did I know, that by the time night would fall- on the first night of Bruno’s arrival into our lives- that HE would become MY little boy.

From that day forward, Bruno became My greatest gift. The gift I never new I’d always wanted and the gift that kept on giving. He brought more joy and love into our lives than I could have ever imagined.

Therefore, with two months approaching (on Monday) since he crossed Rainbow Bridge, I miss him more than ever. I could go on and on by the list of things I miss about him is too long and the pain too great. He is with me-embedded in my heart-everyday, in ever way.

Two weeks ago we received a letter in the mail from Iowa State University. It was upon reading the entire content of the letter that I came to realized that Dr. Julia Gillespie, the vet whom I had turned to at the end of Bruno’s journey, had made a contribution in Bruno’s honor to the Animal Companion Fund. This gesture on her part, gave me what I so desperately needed during this time in my grieving. Her acknowledgement of his life, and the love he brought into our lives, and the care I sought out for him- was what I needed just then. Her contribution, her gift, on his behalf and in his memory would serve to help others in their quest for answers.

Although Bruno and I did not share much time with Dr. Gillespie and her wonderful staff, they gave me what I needed, when I so needed it. In the end, I had turned to her in hopes that there would be one final alternative, one wonder something, which I had not yet tried which would save my Bruno and which would give us more time together. She listened. She understood. And although she knew far too well the road which awaited ahead, she allowed me the arrive at the understanding that the impending inevitable was just around the corner and assured me that I would know when our time had come.

“Thank you, Dr. Julia, Kendall, and Jessica, for the gift of care. The way you cared for Bruno and the peace of mind which you gave me during a terrible time, of trying to figure out how to let go, made it as painless as it possibly could be.I thank you for your work and for honoring him with the contribution made in his name.”

Once again, Bruno proves to be the gift which keeps on giving.




Author: bruiserbruno

Hi. I am Bruiser Bruno, a 7 yr. old American Bulldog who has lived the most wonderful life. Currently, I reside in beautiful NW Arkansas (alongside my soulmate and bestgirl, Daphne, and our four handsome and rambuncuous boys) with my wonderful parents, JD and Maricela. We all moved to Arkansas about three and a half years ago.But honestly, I would have to say that I consider myself a true Texan at heart- since that's where I mostly grew up. Yee-Haw! I am however originally from California. What can I say, I like to travel. **Bruno's spirit was set free, as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge, on 12/31/12. He faced his battle with cancer stoicly & with awe-inspiring courage. No matter how bumpy the ride, it was one which I could have stayed on forever. I am grateful for "EVERY" moment I was lucky enough to have shared with him.

3 thoughts on “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”

  1. How sweet of your vet to make a donation in Bruno’s memory. My Brendol and I are new to this roller coaster, so I was just introduced to Bruno through your blog post today. I am sorry that you lost him to this terrible disease. He looks like he was such a sweetie.

  2. Well welcome to Tripawds. This is the best place you can ask to be during such an uncertain time and journey which will be filled will triumphs and setbacks. We all all here to Support you on your journey. Best wishes to you both. Keep in touch

  3. I understand what it means to have others recognise our pups. That is so beautiful.

    Thinking of you at the two month mark.

    Many hugs

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

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