Feels Like Home

Today, marks four months since I last saw my sweet boy’s face and caressed his soft spotted ears. Some days are harder than others, but the memories help fill the void of his absence when the emptiness feels like more than I can handle. One thing that’s for sure is that he gave me memories and a love that will last and live on forever.

Friday, April 5th we took our annual, long-awaited trip, to our favorite cabin along the Buffalo National River. And even though I was enthusiastic, this year’s trip was bittersweet; as we had decided early on that this would be the time and place where we’d spread some of Bruno’s ashes. How he loved this place! He would fill with excitement as we prepped for the trip. The spot, at Lookout Point, was a given; for this is where he’d taken in countless sunsets, found peace, contemplated, and performed his famous twirl.

When I envision what peace he must feel and what “home” are like, I picture it like here. And, I know this is a trip he’d have wanted to take once more.

We love you Bruno. You are always in our minds and forever in our hearts.

Maricela A. Gaytan