Feels Like Home

Today, marks four months since I last saw my sweet boy’s face and caressed his soft spotted ears. Some days are harder than others, but the memories help fill the void of his absence when the emptiness feels like more than I can handle. One thing that’s for sure is that he gave me memories and a love that will last and live on forever.

Friday, April 5th we took our annual, long-awaited trip, to our favorite cabin along the Buffalo National River. And even though I was enthusiastic, this year’s trip was bittersweet; as we had decided early on that this would be the time and place where we’d spread some of Bruno’s ashes. How he loved this place! He would fill with excitement as we prepped for the trip. The spot, at Lookout Point, was a given; for this is where he’d taken in countless sunsets, found peace, contemplated, and performed his famous twirl.

When I envision what peace he must feel and what “home” are like, I picture it like here. And, I know this is a trip he’d have wanted to take once more.

We love you Bruno. You are always in our minds and forever in our hearts.

Maricela A. Gaytan

Author: bruiserbruno

Hi. I am Bruiser Bruno, a 7 yr. old American Bulldog who has lived the most wonderful life. Currently, I reside in beautiful NW Arkansas (alongside my soulmate and bestgirl, Daphne, and our four handsome and rambuncuous boys) with my wonderful parents, JD and Maricela. We all moved to Arkansas about three and a half years ago.But honestly, I would have to say that I consider myself a true Texan at heart- since that's where I mostly grew up. Yee-Haw! I am however originally from California. What can I say, I like to travel. **Bruno's spirit was set free, as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge, on 12/31/12. He faced his battle with cancer stoicly & with awe-inspiring courage. No matter how bumpy the ride, it was one which I could have stayed on forever. I am grateful for "EVERY" moment I was lucky enough to have shared with him.

9 thoughts on “Feels Like Home”

  1. Way to make me cry at work!

    Roxy does the twirl too! She hasn’t since her surgery, but I know she’ll be able to again soon. She can do it on command now. “Crazy dog” is what sets her off.

    What a special fella. May you find comfort in the memories.

  2. Maricela…..I started to view this three times before I watched it because I knew the tears would be flowing and my heart would cry with you again. I also knew your tribute would be so beautiful, so touching, so poignant, and soooo fitting for a champion like Bruiser Bruno that I must view you bringing Bruno home.

    And what a stellar homecoming it is. Bruno could not be more proud of you for “honoring his wishes” as this is clearly how he wants his life affirming presence to continue. Nature will constantly bloom forth with rebirth at Lookout Point and Bruno’s ashes will be part of the nutrients in the soil, in the air, in the rain and in the sun that will be partof nature’s eternal hheartbeat.

    You are an incredible soul Maricela and no one could have done more to enrich Bruiser Bruno’s life than you. Probably everyone on this site wants to come back as one of your dogs!:-)

    You and Bruiser have touched our lives at a soul deep level. Thank you.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Maricela,
    I also am crying. I know that Bruno would have loved to leave part of himself at his favorite spot. He knows you love him so much. Thanks for sharing this special journey with us. Each passing day filled with memories will bring you comfort. He knows he was so loved.

    Michelle & Sassy

  4. Such a touching tribute. I can’t believe it has already been 4 months. The video is overflowing with so much love. I cry with you.

    Many hugs

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5. Maricela,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I will cherish the memories. The video is such a wonderful tribute of all the joy that Bruno brought us. I watched it several times feeling joy, sadness, love, and pride. I’m proud to have been Bruno’s grandma. He will ALWAYS be in my heart. I’m glad to have this video to watch again.
    Texas Grandma

  6. Rest in peace and run like the wind, in your forever home, Bruno. It’s a gorgeous spot for a gorgeous soul. We miss you. Tear, tear.

  7. Maricela I finally had a chance to sit down and watch your video, and the tears just started flowing. You did a great job on this video, the deep love you have for him shines through.

    I admire your courage at scattering his ashes in such a beautiful, unforgettable spot. I know that wasn’t easy, not at all. But how wonderful to know that his spirit will always be a part of that gorgeous place.


  8. What an incredibly poignant tribute to your beloved Bruiser Bruno. Tissues dfinately needed!! Hugs……..

    TriPawd Charlie & his mom

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