Twirling for Joy!


June 1, 2012-

JD, Bruno, Daphne, & I made the 3 hr trip( from NW Arkansas to Stillwater, Oklahoma) to the OSU Vet Teaching Hospital. To my amazement we actually left on time, by 6:45am, and arrived just in the nick of time, at 10am. It was Bruno’s follow up appt to gauge his response to the new daily chemo& anti-inflammatory meds; he had now been on them for 60 days.



March 21,2012-

60 days ago:We learned-through radiographs-that a tiny nodule had presented itself within Bruno’s left lung. Having just gone through 5 rounds of lomustine chemo every 3-4wks without side effects, this was not the news I had wanted, prayed, nor had hoped to hear. But there was no time to sulk. The game plan was now to begin smaller daily doses of chemo along with an anti-inflammatory and re-evaluate in 30 days.

April 24,2012-

30 days ago: we once again took the 6+ hr road trip to OSU, to run tests & re-evaluate based on Bruno’s response to this new chemo. By all outward appearances I tried desperately to remain optimistic and cheerful, yet the looming possibility that we could be delivered unfavorable news again overwhelmed me.

But thank God! The words we heard instead were,”Everything looks good.The radiographs are All CLEAR!” It took me a moment to process.

No nodule. Clear lungs.

Hallelujah! I then let out a deep breath which I had been holding- captive inside of me-for far too long. Whew!

June 1,2012-

Follow up again came back “ALL CLEAR!”

This was Bruno’s reaction to the good news…


The Essence of Bruno


  Bruno doing what he does best!


In the summer sun-basking,                                                                    

as he listens to birds singing.

In the cool river, refreshing,

watching Daphne swimming, as he practices his fishing.

 In the sultry evening celebrating,

with a watermelon he’s long been awaiting.

On  dirt road, open-air, country drives he’s contemplating,

his thoughts interrupted by adventures he’s anticipating.

And as I watch him, intently, I am taken;  

enchanted by his essence:

 quiet, gracious, gentle, stoic-fighting, life-loving.

I catch him smirk-

with a devilish grin,

and a twinkle in those cognac eyes.

He takes a deep breath–

 and Thanks God to be Alive!