Day 2 Without Bruno

Day 2 without Bruno

The moment that’s the hardest is EACH morning, the second after I awake and open my eyes. It is then that consciousness sets in and that I all over again realize that Bruno is no longer at my side. I wipe the tears from my eyes and tell him how much I miss him.

As the day progresses I try my best to go about my day, and make an effort to carry out tasks throughout the house. I however haven’t dared remove his blanket or pillow from the spot on the livingroom carpet where we were camped out for the last two weeks. They provide me much needed comfort. Daphne has been sleeping on his pillow and blanket the last two days, and I have been sleeping by her side. I just don’t know how to go back to sleeping in my bed just yet. I’ve grown accustomed to intermittent sleep after countless months of watching over him vigilantly throughout the night as we camped out in the livingroom.

At times throughout the day it seems as though maybe he’s just at an extended doctor’s visit, or possibly being boarded alone. But both those notions are quickly dismissed as they are completely outlandish and because we would never do either.( The only time he ever spent away was during his amputation.) It’s as though I’m still somehow convinced that given time he will most certainly walk through the front door again. But I know
this isn’t true.

I miss Bruno just as much as I thought I would.




Author: bruiserbruno

Hi. I am Bruiser Bruno, a 7 yr. old American Bulldog who has lived the most wonderful life. Currently, I reside in beautiful NW Arkansas (alongside my soulmate and bestgirl, Daphne, and our four handsome and rambuncuous boys) with my wonderful parents, JD and Maricela. We all moved to Arkansas about three and a half years ago.But honestly, I would have to say that I consider myself a true Texan at heart- since that's where I mostly grew up. Yee-Haw! I am however originally from California. What can I say, I like to travel. **Bruno's spirit was set free, as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge, on 12/31/12. He faced his battle with cancer stoicly & with awe-inspiring courage. No matter how bumpy the ride, it was one which I could have stayed on forever. I am grateful for "EVERY" moment I was lucky enough to have shared with him.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 Without Bruno”

  1. Dearest Maricela,
    I can completely validate your feelings. It is what we all feel when we lose someone we love. There isn’t anything that can make it easier. Time heals the hurt and the memories fill those empty places. Bruno will forever be in your heart. All I can say is, “Oh, how lucky you have been to have loved and been loved.” To know these are gifts God graces us with. Then comes faith. FAITH that you know he is in a glorious place with so many others you love. Then comes HOPE that we can one day be as lucky and be reunited once again. Count your blessings. Enjoy Daphne and the boys. Hold steadfast to the memories that will shower you when you least expect them. Welcome them with joy.
    Love you,
    Texas Grandma

  2. Saying goodbye is just never easy, there’s no way around it. With each new day, it gets a little easier not to cry so much, but a piece of your heart will still be missing. Bruno was a big boy with an even bigger impact. I know it’s hard to learn to live without his presence.

    One thing that helped my pawrents cope when I left was to play the “Remember When?” game. Each time they felt like they were gonna lose it, they stopped, took a deep breath and reached way back into their memories to remember a happy moment we spent together. Eventually, those memories added up and create a rock to hang onto, and taking the tears away.

    My heart goes out to you, I know how hard this transition is.

  3. Maricela, it is indeed hard. The size of the personality seems to equate to the size of the hole they leave. And because they live largely in our hearts, our hearts break when they create that hole. I’m not much of a philosopher, but I knew you have a big hole in your heart that Bruno left. It won’t go away, but the edges won’t always be raw. Other things will sort of float down to settle into the hole, things that your mom and Jerry mentioned. Good memories. Sweet reminders. Faith and hope.

    It’s an injury to the heart so it takes time to feel better. It will, though. Don’t rush it and share your feelings here. You’re in good company.

    I can’t imagine going through this without the friendships this site has given me, the people who understand absolutely what a bond is created by these dogs.


  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Bruno. My Rottie was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma and a very kind stranger recommended this site to me as I consider amputation for my beautiful Sugar. We are also blessed to have her babies — we ended keeping 4 out of a little of 8– and it’s very nice having them around during this very difficult time for our family.

    You have a beautiful family and Bruno was so lucky to have you as his parents! I pray that we will all be reunited with our beautiful 4-legged babies some day…

    God bless and thank you for the beautiful blog…it really touched my heart…

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