Behold The Amazing Bruno: Tripawd ‘Track Star’ or ‘Trickster’?

Behold The Amazing Bruno: Tripawd ‘Track Star’ or ‘Trickster’?

I do NOT tell a lie when I say that I was NEVER able to get Bruno to either: run to me upon command, “come” (with ANY sense of urgency) when I called his name, or rush towards me (in any manner which may have ever so slightly resembled a jog) even when lured by tricks and the promise of treats.

The boy was in his own time Zone.

I swear that it wasn’t until Bruno became a tripawd, that we witnessed his most bizarre bursts of energy.

These unannounced bouts Bruno performed would most often catch us completely off guard, leaving us laughing hysterically. We watched him: twisting and turning, spinning, head-faking, leaping, sprinting and even bucking (like a little bronco) every which direction.

And oh, of course, his favorite…TWIRLING! 😉

Bruno performed amazing stunts on three legs he’d never attempted on four!

Author: bruiserbruno

Hi. I am Bruiser Bruno, a 7 yr. old American Bulldog who has lived the most wonderful life. Currently, I reside in beautiful NW Arkansas (alongside my soulmate and bestgirl, Daphne, and our four handsome and rambuncuous boys) with my wonderful parents, JD and Maricela. We all moved to Arkansas about three and a half years ago.But honestly, I would have to say that I consider myself a true Texan at heart- since that's where I mostly grew up. Yee-Haw! I am however originally from California. What can I say, I like to travel. **Bruno's spirit was set free, as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge, on 12/31/12. He faced his battle with cancer stoicly & with awe-inspiring courage. No matter how bumpy the ride, it was one which I could have stayed on forever. I am grateful for "EVERY" moment I was lucky enough to have shared with him.

7 thoughts on “Behold The Amazing Bruno: Tripawd ‘Track Star’ or ‘Trickster’?”

  1. This is great, Maricela! Anyone thinking their dog will be turned into an invalid after amputation should be required to watch this!

    I know you miss him terribly, but I’m so glad you are finding the jewels buried in the sadness. There are more, I promise.


    1. Dad,
      Although you can’t see me ; I want you to close your eyes,and feel me, as I reach out my paw to hold your hand. This is your son, Bruno, thanking you for all the love and effort you put towards giving me the best life ever. I know in my heart that- I WAS, and AM STILL, LOVED! I couldn’t have wished for a better dad.

      Thank you for continuing to honor my spirit and memory each and every day. I fought and braved the battle against cancer for far longer than drs anticipated. I would have stayed with you all and Daphne forever.

      Know- that it is awesome on the other side. And, that we will meet again.
      Know -that just as your love Lives within me, that I am ALWAYS with you. And, that I am never far.

      Love & (fish) kisses,
      Your Boy, “Spirit” Bruno

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