Day 2 Without Bruno

Day 2 without Bruno

The moment that’s the hardest is EACH morning, the second after I awake and open my eyes. It is then that consciousness sets in and that I all over again realize that Bruno is no longer at my side. I wipe the tears from my eyes and tell him how much I miss him.

As the day progresses I try my best to go about my day, and make an effort to carry out tasks throughout the house. I however haven’t dared remove his blanket or pillow from the spot on the livingroom carpet where we were camped out for the last two weeks. They provide me much needed comfort. Daphne has been sleeping on his pillow and blanket the last two days, and I have been sleeping by her side. I just don’t know how to go back to sleeping in my bed just yet. I’ve grown accustomed to intermittent sleep after countless months of watching over him vigilantly throughout the night as we camped out in the livingroom.

At times throughout the day it seems as though maybe he’s just at an extended doctor’s visit, or possibly being boarded alone. But both those notions are quickly dismissed as they are completely outlandish and because we would never do either.( The only time he ever spent away was during his amputation.) It’s as though I’m still somehow convinced that given time he will most certainly walk through the front door again. But I know
this isn’t true.

I miss Bruno just as much as I thought I would.