Bruno’s Timeline


Bruno’s Timeline:


12/10/10 – Took note of Bruno’s limping. Decided to limit his activity & have him rest .


2/16/11- Took Bruno to local vet for a set of x-rays of his right leg. Just to see.

Assessment:  X-rays showed slight deterioration of stifle and slight abnormalities were noted within the joint/connective tissues of the tibia and femur. Vet did not express significant concern [taking into account his age, 6yrs. old, and prior medical history of 2 TPLO surgeries( 4/5/07- right rear leg & 6/27/08-left rear leg).] Vet did however express that it more than likely was sign of arthritis.)

(Limping and lameness continued & subsided intermittently.)

8/22/11- Took Bruno back to local vet to get 2nd set of x-rays taken of right leg.

Assessment:  New x-rays, when compared to those taken 6 months prior, showed significant abnormalities & significant deterioration of tissue, tibia, and femur. Vet, at this time, did express concern towards the rapid progression of this deterioration. The possibility of something more grave taking place such as cancer was offered up.  A biopsy was scheduled in order to obtain a more specific, concrete diagnosis.

8/24/11- Biopsy of affected stifle region taken and submitted to lab in Florida.

9/4/11- Started Bruno again on Rx: “Prevention” (Glucosamine) supplement (from Joshua Kennels-online)

9/8/11- Lab Analysis Results from biopsy came back with diagnosis: Synovial Cell Sarcoma

9/16/11- Oklahoma State University (OSU) consultation with veterinary oncologist, Dr. Souza

9/16/11- Found and became a member of Tripawds website.

9/20/11- Bruno’s Amputation Surgery (of back right leg) at OSU with Dr. Souza.

    (Dropped Bruno off at OSU on Monday evening 9/19 and picked him up on Thursday 9/22/11.)So happy to have my boy home!

10/3/11- Received call from OSU regarding post-amputation biopsy of right hind limb (stifle region).

 Diagnosis:  “Histiocytic” Synovial Cell Sarcoma (We were also told that regional lymph node, closest to stifle, was affected.)

10/14/11- Post-Op checkup at OSU. Decided on follow-up chemotherapy treatment.

Rx Prescribed: Lomustine (CEENU) 40mg to be administered every 3-4 wks dependent upon complete blood count (CBC) levels.

Assessment:  Bruno has adjusted well to his amputation. Currently no signs that his sarcoma has spread to other parts of his body.  Yet told that histiocytic sarcoma is “very likely” to metastasize elsewhere in the body.

10/18/11-3/7/12-Rx Administered: completed 6 rounds of Lomustine (chemotherapy) orally every 3-4wks.

    *(Addt’l Rx Supplement: Bruno also began taking K-9 Immunity Plus Supplements-6 wafers per day)


3/21/12-Post-Chemo Completion Check-up @ OSU. Lab work and radiographs taken.

    Assessment: Bruno endured chemo well without side effects.  Unfortunately though his chest radiographs revealed the presence of a metastatic nodule in his left lung.

Rx:  Change chemotherapy treatment to “metronomic therapy” which preferentially targets the blood vessels that feed the tumor in hopes of “starving” and decreasing its progression. Then re-check in 30 days.

    Cyclophosphamide (25mg)-oral daily

    Deracoxib(Deramax) (100mg)-1/2 oral chew tablet once daily; anti-inflammatory

4/24/12- Follow-up Appt.of New Chemo @ OSU. Lab work up and radiographs taken.

    Assessment:  Radiographs showed that the pulmonary nodule present on 3/21/12 was no longer visible (either no longer present or just too small to see radiographically).

(Yes!:)Thank you God! )

Rx: continue last prescribe chemo and anti-inflammatory treatment.  Check-up in 30 days.

Cyclophosphamide (25mg)-oral daily

Deracoxib(Deramax) (100mg)-1/2 oral chew tablet once daily; anti-inflammatory


To be continued… (*May 20th-8 month anniversary of amputation)

Author: bruiserbruno

Hi. I am Bruiser Bruno, a 7 yr. old American Bulldog who has lived the most wonderful life. Currently, I reside in beautiful NW Arkansas (alongside my soulmate and bestgirl, Daphne, and our four handsome and rambuncuous boys) with my wonderful parents, JD and Maricela. We all moved to Arkansas about three and a half years ago.But honestly, I would have to say that I consider myself a true Texan at heart- since that's where I mostly grew up. Yee-Haw! I am however originally from California. What can I say, I like to travel. **Bruno's spirit was set free, as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge, on 12/31/12. He faced his battle with cancer stoicly & with awe-inspiring courage. No matter how bumpy the ride, it was one which I could have stayed on forever. I am grateful for "EVERY" moment I was lucky enough to have shared with him.

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  1. Thanks. I can’t believe it’s almost here. 8 months! wow! I feel blessed each and every day to have more time with my precious boy. I’ll keep everyone posted. Good luck maximutt. We send you our pawsitive thoughts and best wishes!-
    -Bruno & Family

  2. Glad to have found another synovial cell sarcoma tripawd (well, soon to be tripawd in Lupe’s case). We won’t know the type until pathology is complete after surgery…

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