A Love Letter to My Boy, Bruno


I can hardly believe that 4 weeks have gone by since the last time I saw your sweet face and caressed your soft spotted ears. Twenty eight days. Twenty eight days too long. I miss you so much. I try hard to focus on how I had no other option than to let you go, but still I wish you could be here with me- with us.
Within my heart there is a constant cruel tug-of-war going on between remembering the joy you brought to our lives and the void that you left behind in leaving. I struggle still, in your absence. You are the first thought that enters my mind each morning and the last to leave me before I drift off to sleep. I miss you immensely.
I see you, or rather where you should be, each day in every way. When I’m cooking in the kitchen and only Daphne is there, I see you. I see the space empty where you would typically be, and yet you are not there. It’s almost more than I can bare.
Daphne is getting along better now, but she still misses you so much. You were her everything. We are all thankful for how bravely you battled cancer and for how long you fought to stay by our side. Thank you.
We hope you are having the best time on the other side and will meet you again someday. We love you. Always.

Mom, Dad, & Daphne