Day 3 Without Bruno

Day 3 without Bruno

I have to give myself a pat on the back today. I’ve only cried one and a half times so far today. Once, as I was in the shower as I contemplated leaving the house to get much needed groceries. The half, when I managed to stop myself after only a few sniffles and tears had welled up, and composed myself by forcing me to think of a “happy” memory of Bruno; thus, the “half” cry.

Each day I’ve gone back & sought comfort in the scrapbooks, photo albums, and hundreds of pictures on my iPad.Browsing through them helps me feel closer to him and somehow propels me through THAT tough moment until the next one comes along.

The days seem to drag on and the hours seem to last forever. So much time suddenly freed up. Once again, I must adjust to a new, new normal. Or perhaps back to just “normal”? Who knows.


Okay…Another half cry.

Bringing the total to two.