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7 Days Without Bruno Makes One WEAK


7 Days Without Bruno Makes One WEAK

How is it possible that seven days go by so fast, but each of those seven days seemed to drag on forever? How is is possible that I can be crying and laughing at the same time when I think of Bruno? Or that I feel that I have a huge gaping hole in my heart, yet my heart is also full of warm loving memories he left behind?

A week has passed and I have had much time to reflect. I’ve thought over and over about the final moments and the days leading up to our goodbye. I know now that it was both his time and that it was also the right time. How peacefully my boy went.

I can only imagine the fun he is having with all the other tripawds which preceded him in crossing rainbow bridge. And so, If heaven is our version of paradise, then I can only imagine he is surrounded and able to enjoy all those things he loved.

Bruno loved…

Open air drives down long country roads,
Homemade meals hot from the stove,
Fishing any river and catching some rays,
As well as watching LMN, in bed, on lazy days.

Christmas tree lights were his favorite during the season,
Chomping sticks, eating grass, & smelling flowers he found mighty pleasin’.
Daphne, a handful, was always his girl,
And trips to The Buffalo River inspired him to twirl.


We love and miss you Bruno!

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“7 Days Without Bruno Makes One WEAK”

  1. January 7th, 2013 at 8:54 pm      Reply Sarah Says:

    Bruno looked like such a handsome and special boy! I’m so sorry for your loss. Wishing you happy memories of your Bruno in 2013!

  2. January 7th, 2013 at 9:04 pm      Reply princess Says:

    I still remember those first 2 weeks after Magnum died. The worst 2 weeks of my life.
    It does get better but oh so slowly and for each of us the grief journey is as unique as the special bond we have with our beautiful dogs.
    They are beautiful photos showing how much Bruno loved and “lived”. And I love the poem!
    Hang in there.

  3. January 9th, 2013 at 4:02 am      Reply jerry Says:

    Oh Bruno, you will always be so loved. This is one of the most beautiful posts about your life and your pack, it’s wonderful.

    Yes, it’s possible to feel all of those things Mom. Sometimes you question your sanity, but in the end it’s clear that the love that you shared is stronger than the days that will pass since he earned his wings. Love never dies.

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Who:  The Incredible, Brave, Head-Strong, Bully, Sun-Worshipper.

The lover of: Pizza, LMN (yes, as in Lifetime Movie Network), and long afternoon drives down country roads.


None other than–MY Bruno.

Breed:  American Bulldog

Date of Birth:  January 1, 2005 (7yrs old)

Strengths:   His ability to ask for forgiveness (as he extends his paw-gesturing for a handshake) after he has been ornery, his quiet strength & laid back demeanor, how he has faced adversity time and time again head on.  How he calls on the fighter within him to help him battle illness, when in reality he is nothing but a lover.

Vices: His love affair with food.

Main weaknesses:  PIZZA, Blue Bell Ice Cream- Homemade Vanilla (“The best ice cream in the country!” according to Bruno), any and all of mom’s homemade cooking.

His Current Adversary:  Histiocytic Synovial Cell Sarcoma


*9/8/11- This marked the day that Jeremy, my husband, Bruno, and I were handed the news.  The news that was not only not good news, but that was news which we had clearly not prepared ourselves to entertain.  Lab results, which had been sent to Florida by our local vet, of the biopsy which they had taken from his knee joint identified his condition.  The diagnosis was: synovial cell sarcoma.  All I heard was the word “CANCER.”


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