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Our stay at Cabin #2…Ahhh! The Beautiful Buffalo!


Our stay at Cabin #2…Ahhh! The Beautiful Buffalo!

Cabin #2 was were we sought refuge.

Ahhh!  Away-at last; and together.

Away from: iphones, laptops, blackberries, emails, texts, messages, appointments, traffic, voices, reminders, and the countless other impending 2dos & distractions which intrude our lives each day.


Our schedule went something like-

Mornings Taking in: breakfast, morning coffee, and the cool-crispy morning air compliments of the cabin’s screened-in porch, a late-morning walk; followed by-                                                  


Afternoons:  Spent by theBeautiful Buffalo River (fishing or just exploring), followed by a “hearty” lunch, which then required a restful, replenishing afternoon nap (again compliments of the screened-in porch), a late-afternoon drive to neighboring towns to explore,  & another visit to the water; followed by- 


Evenings:  Hanging out at the cabin & preparing the much-anticipated, carefully planned dinner menu meals, a much needed evening stroll, and each night- finally!–the much-needed, peaceful, revitalizing slumber.

(fyi: Bruno, Daphne, and Vinnie not only participated, but thoroughly relished, in this schedule.)


There is no place like the Buffalo.

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“Our stay at Cabin #2…Ahhh! The Beautiful Buffalo!”

  1. May 8th, 2012 at 1:09 pm      Reply etgayle Says:

    great pictures, really nice to see the pups swimming. what a wonderful place to be vacationing with a tripawd!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

    • May 15th, 2012 at 5:31 am      Reply bruiserbruno Says:

      Arkansas IS the “natural state”. I’m lucky to live in such a pristine, untouched landscape. Bruno has given us renewed focus towards what is truly important and has taught us to be more present in each moment. Thanks for reading about our adventure. Keep in touch. Best Wishes! -Bruno & Family

  2. May 8th, 2012 at 2:17 pm      Reply maximutt Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I’m glad everyone had such a great time!!!!!

  3. May 14th, 2012 at 3:45 am      Reply jerry Says:

    Wow. Can you say PARADISE?

    You’re such a lucky pup. We want to come visit!

  4. May 15th, 2012 at 6:09 am      Reply bruiserbruno Says:

    Arkansas is more beautiful than I had ever imagined! I have only lived in NW Arkansas for the past 3.5 yrs (originally from TX) but have thoroughly enjoyed all this “natural state” and region has to offer. I have read about tripawd gatherings in various states; any plans of gathering near NW Arkansas (Bentonville, AR), MO, or Ok?
    I cannot express enough my gratitude for this tripawd forum. It has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and a community/family of fellow tripawds and their loved ones. This tripawd forum and its community has supported me- carried me through.
    EACH courageous tripawd, either by sharing its own emotional adventure and/or by offering up their inspirational words, positive thoughts & intentions has been a most special friend, at a time which one was needed most.

    To all tripawds from our family to yours:
    Thanks for sharing your story. Our thoughts and prayers and best wishes are with you all!
    -Bruno & Family

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His Current Adversary:  Histiocytic Synovial Cell Sarcoma


*9/8/11- This marked the day that Jeremy, my husband, Bruno, and I were handed the news.  The news that was not only not good news, but that was news which we had clearly not prepared ourselves to entertain.  Lab results, which had been sent to Florida by our local vet, of the biopsy which they had taken from his knee joint identified his condition.  The diagnosis was: synovial cell sarcoma.  All I heard was the word “CANCER.”


Timeline/Back-story leading up to diagnosis:  Coming Soon.

To be Continued…And so, the saga began.